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We provide complete, up-to-date, Business Planning packages consisting of:

5 Business Plans For $14.95

Our Unique, Complete, American Business Planning Packages have 5 plans and over 30,000 words and 120 pages.

Plus a whole lot more!

Our U.S. Business Plans will give you exactly what you need for your business, and are now only $19.95 - $14.95!!

Do not be fooled by our incredibly low prices; you will get everything you need to get your planning process moving quickly - including four full business plans!

Why Pay More For Less?

Our business plans are now provided in a Business Planning Package where we also send you 4, additional, relevant, business plans with the business plan you ordered.

Therefore it does not really matter which of the similar sounding plans you choose as you will receive a package of plans to cover all circumstances.

There is no charge for these extra business plans.

Why you need our additional business plans for your business?

  1. No-one else gives away additional business plans for free when you buy their plans. Why is that? Well it is because they sell generic templates and if you saw a second plan of theirs, you would ask for your money back when you could see what they were doing! We are proud of the simple truth that when you see three or four of our business plans, you will know that you are getting something unique and unavailable anywhere else on the planet!

  2. Business today is about dominating a niche and leaving the wiider market to the businesses that will soon collapse as they try to be all-things for everyone. Who needs your service? What's uniquely useful about that service? What makes your service better than your competition? Well the more related plans you have, the easier it will be to answer these questions and find your niche.

  3. When identifying your businesses niche market, consider the following questions: Who buys in your marketplace? Why have they been underserved? How can you better serve them? How can you interest them? In short, why is your simple service the solution to their problem? With four of our business plans it is considerably easier to spot the niches you can exploit not just in your specific sector, but in the closely related sectors nearby.

  4. Business is about trust and our business plans show you how to tell the story behind your business. What problems will you r customers encounter and how did you solve them? And with a whole range of related sectors you will soon be solving problems in a wider and wider sector all of your very own.

  5. Our additional business plans show you how to expand on your successes. You will find innovative ways to grow your niche marketplace, locate new avenues to showcase your business and highlight its competitive advantages and your expertise. You know what will work; now increase your exposure. Copy, paste, and repeat.

  6. Potential customers that are easy to see are a hallmark of a great business niche. It should be easy to identify who wwill be interested in your businesses products and services based on a set of reliable characteristics. If you can put your ideal customers into an identifiable segment, your business will be a great one. So how many potential customers will you miss if you buy a generic template instead of our four, complete, business plans?

  7. For a business to be a great one your potential customers must be accessible and, more than that, accessing them must be affordable. Our free business plans give you more potential customers and more opportunity to sell the same products and services into more than one market.

  8. Many markets become oversaturated with small businesses or startups eager to get in on the action. But for a business niche to really stand out, it should be underserved or even neglected. Our additional plans greatly increase the number of underserved and neglected niches your business could be serving.

  9. For your business to be profitable, your niche must be large enough that you can make money selling your product or service. A small pool of potential customers means little or no growth potential, a critical characteristic of a great business, so our additional plans show you how to make the pool large enough.

  10. Is the market you are targeting likely to grow? The capacity for development and growth means your niche is more likely to support the development and growth of your business. The free plans we provide give you access to more markets and therefore more opportunity to be in the markets that grow.

  11. The first question most potential employees, potential suppliers and potential investors will be asking is where do you see the business going? Our additional plans give you some really great answers to this question.

  12. And the most important of all. We do not sell generic templates and call them business plans. The reason we do not is simple - Because we want you to tell everyone where you got your business plan from.

We never lose sight of the simple truth, that you are our future as much as the plans we provide are yours.

We have 46,719 different business plans that are delivered 4 different ways

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5 Things All Businesses must do

After you have completed your Business Plan what are the the five things that you must do?

  1. Get financed

  2. Find the right hosting

  3. Spread the word quickly

  4. Promote your brand

  5. Develop apps - people love apps!

And try and have some fun!

Get financed

Find the right hosting

Spread the word quickly

Promote your brand

Develop apps - people love apps!

And don't forget to have some fun!

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